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Why NapAyurVeda

Why NapAyurveda?

Fast - Root Cause Treatment, Assured Results, Comprehensive and No Relapse

Fast Effective Cure - Control and Reversal of Multiple Diseases & Infertility without operation under one roof
Assured Fast Results in 2-7 days in disease like - Diabetes, BP, Blockages, Spine, Colitis, IBS, Piles, Fissure, Fistula Etc. &
In Infertility and Female Diseases 2-7 Cycles. Diseases like PCOD, Low AMH, Endometriosis, Tube Block, IVF Failed cases Etc.
Fast - Active management
High Success ratio more than 96%
Highly Qualified MD Doctors Team from Mumbai University
32 years successful practice and more than 3 lac patients benefited
Huge Clinical Research with Experience of 32 years
Based on World's First - Finest - Oldest - Renowned - Time Tested - Ancient Indian Medical Science Ayurveda and Yoga.

Easy, Convenient, Painless, Non Invasive, No Surgery

Multiple Diseases Cure Without operations under one roof
Total piece of mind and no risk to life
Painless OPD Treatment
No Hospitalization - No Hospital Cost
No rushing to Multiple Doctors
No pain of visiting different Hospitals
Comfortable for patients & their families
NapAyurveda Treats Multiple Diseases & it's Root Causes; not only Symptoms
Cure - Control - Reversal of Diseases
Prevention of Complications of Diseases
Prevention of Diseases in high risk groups and Family history of fetal diseases like - Heart Attack, Stroke - Paralysis Attack & Organ failures like Kidney fail, Liver fail, Heart Fail, Lung Fail
Health Preservation for Diseases free Healthy Life

100% Safe, Treats Complications Along with Diseases

Cure Without operations
Non Invasive - Non Surgical - No pain
No Risk for Life
100% Herbal so 1000% safe
No side effects
No adverse effects
No Complications
No Relapse
No Steroids (Slow Poison) - so no after side effects like Diabetes - BP - Heart Diseases - Brain - Neurological Disorders - Immunity suppression - Edema - Swelling - Osteoporosis - Weak - Fragile - Bones - Joints - Spine Degeneration
No Harmful Hormones - so no complications like Sleep and Memory alterations, Neurological, Fatigue, GIT Disturbance
No Pain Killers
No Toxic Hazardous Chemicals so very Safe for Vital Organs (Brain - Heart - Kidney - Liver - Lungs + Stomach - Intestines - Colon - Nerves - Neurons)
No painful Chemotherapy
No Hazardous Radiotherapy
Treats Diseases along with its Causes - Complications - Root Causes & Remote Causes Simultaneously and Successfully.
More than 96% success ratio & very less probability of relapse
Degeneration caused by Poor Nourishment or Malnourishment
Simultaneously and Successfully acts & Reverse Diseases at multiple levels - places like :-
    • Body + Stomach + Colon
    • Brain + Hormones + Mind +Soul
    • Allergy + Immunity System
    • Cell + Mitochondria + Genes + Stem Cells + Bone Marrow + Thymus Gland
    • Bone + Joints + Spine
    • Blood Vessels + Nerves + Neurons

Economical and Affordable - Compare to Operation & Other Hospital Procedures

Very economical than other available treatment modalities
Very affordable compared to ICCU / Surgery / Hospital Cost.
Natural Bypass Treatment (Rs.1,20,000/=) at 1/5 cost of Bypass surgery
Prevent Joints Replacement (Rs. 1,00,000/=) at 1/4 cost of Knee Replacement
Fertility Treatment (Rs.1,30,000/=) at ¼ cost of IVF Treatment
Low AMH Treatment (Rs.1,20,000/=) at ¼ cost