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About NapAyurVeda




Root Cause treatment by
Ancient Indian Medical Science -
Ayurveda & Yoga
NapAyurVeda is a Scientific advanced Ayurvedic Panchakarma (Cleansing process) treatment system based on :-
5000 year old, Time tested Ancient Indian Medical Science - Ayurveda and Yoga
NapAyurVeda treats Disease, it's root causes not only Symptoms.

Research based

Non-Invasive Technique for

Fast Assured Good Changes - Results

NapAyurVeda has a very strong foundation of 32 years Clinical Research - Evidence based; Scientifically - Clinically proven by Lab reports & well documented by Latest Modern Medical Investigations and Research Papers.
Expert in Multiple Diseases Cure, Without operations under one roof.
Fast Results by Active Management - Complete Cure - No Relapse
Easy - Painless - Patient Friendly - Convenient - Economical - Affordable
Non Invasive - Non Surgical - Very Safe - No Risk to life - No Side Effects - No Complications - No Adverse Effects
No Toxic Chemicals - No Harmful Hormones - No Aftermath of Steroids
Assured Fast Results in 2-7 days in disease like - Diabetes, BP, Blockages, Spine, Colitis, IBS, Piles, Fissure, Fistula Etc. & In Infertility and Female Diseases 2-7 Cycles. Diseases like PCOD, Low AMH, Endometriosis, Tube Block, IVF Failed cases Etc.

High Success Ratio &

No Relapse

High Success Rate - More than 96%
More than 3 Lacs patients are Benefited & Cured.
Disease Reversal & No Relapse Treatment (Apunarbhav Chikitsa) :- NapAyurVeda treats Etiology ( Hetu - Samprapti ) of Diseases and Successfully treats - reverse many diseases. And also ensures no relapse of the same problem in future.
Herbal - Holistic - Natural - Palliative - 1000% safe.

Micro to Macro Level & Anabolism to Catabolism

01. NapAyurveda effectively acts.....

a) at different levels
b) at multiple lesions – system
c) by different ways of actions.

It Simultaneously n Successfully eliminates....

A. Root Causes + Remote causes
B. Cure – Control – Reversal of Diseases and its Complications,
C. Breaks Etiology n Prevents further progress of Diseases thus ensuring Assured – Fast results in Multiple Diseases and almost No Relapses

02. NapAyurveda Simultaneously acts through different types of actions like.....

i) Purification
ii) Detoxification
iii) Nourishment
iv) Rejuvenation
v) Repair
vi) Healing
vii) Vital Organs normal functions

03. NapAyurveda Simultaneously acts at different levels of Body.....

i) Stomach ( Amashaya – Pachak Agni ) for healthy digestion
ii) Colon ( Pakvashaya – Vata Dosha Moolasthanam – Apan Vayu) for Detoxification
iii) Brain ( CNS – ANS – PNS ) – Nerves – Neurons
iv) Mind
v) Hormones
vi) Immunity
vii) Allergy
viii) Bones – Joints & Spine
ix) Nourishment

04. NapAyurveda Simultaneously acts at different facets of healthcare management like.....

i) Cure for Curable Diseases
ii) Control for Chronic, Non Curable Diseases and Chronic Infections
iii) Reversal of Chronic Degenerative Diseases
iv) Prevention of Complications of Diseases
v) Prevention of Preventable Diseases
vi) Health Preservation for Healthy People
vii) Vital Organs Protection & Preservation
viii) Control of Chronic Allergies, Auto Immune Immunity Disorders

05. NapAyurveda Simultaneously acts at....

Micro and Macro levels of different body Components - Structures like......

i) Genes
ii) Mitochondria
iii) Cells – Stem Cells
iv) Bone Marrow
v) Tissues
vi) Organs – Vital Organs
vii) Systems
viii) Phagocytosis
ix) Vessels n Lymphatics
x) Nerves n Neurones

06. NapAyurveda Successfully provides 360° Comprehensive treatment management for Multiple Diseases & Male - Female Infertility under one roof & ensures assured Fast Results - No Relapse.

A) Fast - Root Cause Treatment, Assured Results, Comprehensive and No Relapse

B) Easy, Convenient, Painless, Non Invasive, No Surgery

C) 100% Safe, Treats Complications Along with Diseases

D) Economical and Affordable - Compare to Operation & Other Hospital Procedures